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What is the best online hosting services provider

If you are looking the best cheap hosting online then you should also consider their services and features, what you will get in that particular cheap hosting plan. Because sometimes when we got the cheapest web hosting at that time we forget to compare their services and they reduce features in the hosting plan. You

Who developed Linux?

I am going to describe your history of Linux in brief, you should consider my answer if you want to know more about Linx hosting- Linus Torvalds developed Linux he begins to develop it in 1991. He wrote this program specifically for the hardware and he was using an independent OS (Operating System) because they

Can I reload my OS without losing my data?

Probably you can’t do like these in a general way, the best way to reinstall or reload OS  after making backup another place any hard disk, external device or storage site. As per my experience and knowledge, we should follow these steps, which I am going to describe below in the answer- 1. Back  up

How do I setup CSF (Firewall) in my Linux VPS?

It is most important to survive your e-commerce business and produce product successfully in the market you need to maintain your platform or workplace full secure and confidential that provide you safe and secure channel without any type of risk. You can reduce chances of risk to installing CSG (Config server Firewall) It is one

How to Edit Hosts File on Mac OS

In this article we will see how to modify or edit the hosts’ file in the MAC operating system, sometimes you need to modify or make some changes as per requirement. You can access your stored file in the MAC OS traditionally /private/etc/hosts. How to edit the hosts file on MAC OS- Launch terminal application

How to a add calendar to your website?

Of course, you can add an interactive calendar to your website, with the features to save event by visitors who visit on the website. It will help your organization up to date for any event like Meeting, Functions, Holliday, deadline etc. Adding a domain is the most important feature. If you want to do so,

How to view the source code of any webpage?

Source code means viewing and find the exact implementation of the web page, sometimes you need to find and a loop of the source of code to diagnose an error in the browser that currently fetching your website. I am going to describe some major technique to open source code of the website, here I

Favicon and its use.

A favicon is a short form for the favorite icon, its used as shortcut icon of the website, browser icon of the website, URL logo, tab log etc. It is a file containing one or more than one for the web pages. Favicon is used or set up by the developer as per client requirement

Testing your website using your Temporary URL

Temporary URL is a short form your (Uniform Resource Locator), it’s used when your domain does not work properly. Your actual URL  can be found in your new account welcome email. Of course, you can use the temporary URL to test your website, but you should follow these two important to rules- Your domain should

How to Change upload_max_size in php.ini?

This is a common error type which occurs at the time of transferring data from the system or uploading data from in the system. In PHP you can set up in the php.ini file,  here I am going to describe to you how to change upload_size in the php.ini file with the screenshot. You should consider

How to set timezone from php.ini file?

You should discover the timezone if you are finding that the time showing incorrectly in the script, server and in the application then you should reset your timezone to resolve the issues related time on the server. Traditionally timezone sets in the php.ini file but here I am going to describe to set up timezone

Meta Tags – Its use for SEO

What is a meta tag- Meta tags is an element which is used basically in HTML (Hyper Text MarkupLanguagee)  coding documentation, it provides structural metadata of the website. It will describe and represent the basic keyword and web content at the time of searching matter and topic related to your website or web page.  Meta

The best themes in WordPress

I am going to describe to you some of the best WordPress themes that you can use in your website or nest page, You will get these themes free of cost on the WordPress site. You will see here some specific themes which you can use buy area of the respective field like MLM (Multi-level

Which is the best WordPress MLM plugins

From the WordPress site, you can get more than 17 MLM (Multi-Level Plugins) plugins, It’s a free software which is designed and used by the international or national marketing sector. After enabling plugins inside of your website, it will allow running affiliated networking with the e-marketing field. You can grow your business with instant with