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Andrew Smith | Red Server Host - Part 2

Author: Andrew Smith

How can I delete emails automatically in cPanel account

cPanel allows the feature to manage email accounts, create email accounts and delete email account within some simple steps. To performing this task will not require any technical and coding knowledge. you can delete emails from your cPanel account atomically if you want to do so, you have to consider these following steps which I

How do you host a website on cPanel

It is of the best question, I would like to show you how you can host your website in cPanel within few minutes. You need to consider the following steps, which I am going to describe below in answer- Stage 1- Before discussing cPanel we have to clarify where and how we will get cPanel

How do I get unique visitors to my website per day

You can get unlimited traffic on your website with unique visitors, You should use some best terminology that helps you to increase the traffic on the website that belongs to that particular area/ field. However, you should apply these part to your websites like SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and CMS (Content Management System) etc. The

Who can register .gov as domain

In a simple way, I would like to say directly no, you can’t register the domain name like .nic & .gov because it is only for governmental use, the citizen is not allowed to register these type of domain. Instead of these, you can choose any other domain among of 250+ domain extension. These domains

What are the best digital WordPress themes

Digital WordPress themes are referred to the newly impressive collection of the best digital agency that reevaluates in WordPress background that makes feel better. It also customizes your website control and help to run it smoothly on the server, with the help of these themes you can make any type of changes within a click,

Static V dynamic website design

A website is a collection of the pages that may contain text, images audio, video etc. Which is designed for completing and performing any type of particular task. It is running over the network or server and transforming the data from one destination to another pace. The static type of website is a basic type

What’s the cheapest way to buy a domain

We perform analyses and survey to know the opinion of the client or marketing good-will this blog also describes according to customer feedback. Maybe it will change after some of the time of periods, let’s me answer first- I would like to suggest you RedServerHost, you can buy domain here at the cheapest cost with

What should I know about web hosting

There are some different type of terminology we should know before making any hosting, what kind of services exist into web hosting market, what is a domain, free services that you will get free of cost, which one is the best services provider in India, where you will get cheapest services among of them. These

What are the best website designing apps in 2018

Of course you can design a website with the help of application GUI’s component  just within 5-6 minutes. You should look up these apps which I am going to describe. You have to simply follow drop- down rule to create your website without construct or coding by self- This is the time when you can

What is a maximum traffic hosting can handle?

It is one of the best questions I would like to reveal to you what exactly you want to know about traffic and capabilities of hosting server. In this answer, I am going to explain you types of hosting terminology and hosting capability of the server. Their three types of web hosting exist mainly- 1.

Steps that protect your site from hackers

You never think that your website will anything worth related data, but your website always ready to compromise with hackers. Hackers always try gaining data and access data to your website and misuse it, on the internet. You should always ready your website to fight hackers and save your important information on the website. What

Understanding domain registration

For identity your website and represent your business you must need a domain name to your website. In markets, many domain registrars exist that offer you to buy a domain and host your website on their server. But if you buy your domain name and hosting plan directly from RedServerHost then you will get a

How you can create a form in WordPress?

You are maybe developer or customer, you build a website and its designed well as you want to build. You add here plugins in the website, using a particle background in your WordPress website. You did everything as you wont according to your planning/ designing. Now you want to gather a information to your customers like

Grow your business with social media marketing

It is most popular and successful mechanism to grow your business with social media, with easy access to social media sites-. It is work especially more beneficial with the boom of mobile gadgets and wearable gadgets. In social media, two factor is most important first one is planning and secoond dedication it is a truth

What is domain parking? How to add and remove one

In this blog, we will discuss domain parking technology and procedure, how you can park domain why we park a domain and benefits of domain parking. You have to make patience and read the whole tutorial then you will clear everything about domain parking- What is domain parking? Domain parking is a type of e-comm