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Linux Reseller Hosting | Red Server Host - Part 2

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How to change the Username of my cPanel account? What could be the consequences?

Hello Everyone!!! How to change the Username of my cPanel account? [updated May 2019] Yes of course you can change the username of your cPanel account only if you are having WHM(Reseller/Root).  Follow these simple steps to change username of your cPanel account:  step::1 Go to https://domainname.com/whm step::2 Go to Home »Account Information »List Accounts

What should I know about web hosting

There are some different type of terminology we should know before making any hosting, what kind of services exist into web hosting market, what is a domain, free services that you will get free of cost, which one is the best services provider in India, where you will get cheapest services among of them. These

Unmanaged VPS hosting?

These servers are managed by client and server side like- responsibilities, necessary configurations and server management and it is users responsibility to that keep your website up-to-date and make it safe from hackers. And it is low expensive than managed server, and it required to technical knowledge that will help to operate it time to

What is a self managed VPS ?

Self-managed VPS (Virtual Private server)  is services which provide no server management by client side. Which means update your server via command the line technique. You will get cPanel or WHM to control server and makes any type of change. If you want to update and set up any server activity then you should choose

Top 5 web hosting company in India

What is a web hosting? Web hosting is a technology to make their business accessibility via across the globe.  With the help of web hosting, we can view their business world wide web without any restriction.  A web host is an organization which providing facility to host our website server, they provide this facility behalf

Tips for choosing the perfect domain name

What is the domain name? The domain is a simple name of your website which represents your business on the internet, people also identified you on the server via your domain name. You have to think before selecting any domain name. Choosing a domain name is refer that you want to buy a domain name

Shared Hosting vs. VPS hosting

Today we will be discussing shared hosting Vs. VPS hosting which will be good for you. Fist you should know what is a shared hosting:-Shared hosting is a type of web hosting that is good for small business and static website, it is less costly and supports all those features which will require for a

How to Install Programs Using Softaculous ?

Here the all steps described how to Install Programs Using Softaculous You just need to follow Step 1. Log into cPanel account Step 2. Now under the software / services section click on the Softaculous link. Step 3. Now click on the program which you wish to install Step 4. Click on the Install button

How to Backup your Website with Softaculous

Step 1. Log into your cPanel account Step 2. Now under the software / services section click on the Softaculous link. Step 3. Now click on the All Installations link it will show top of the page right side. (It i a icon that look like file folder) Step 4. Click the back up icon

Brand your own WHM for your Cpanel users?

Here we will see how to brand your own WHM for your Cpanel users, this process allow to brand cPanel withyour company. logo, color. Here you will see many options whn it is come to branding your cPanel account Step 1.  Log into you WHM account Step 2. Under the cPanel heading left hand site

How to change php version in my cPanel?

Step 1. Log Into your cPanel account Step 2.  Go to under the Software  section and click on multiPHP Manager Step 3.  Now you have to select a domain/sub-domain for which you want to change the php version Step 4.  Scroll down list and  select desired PHP version from the table Step 5. Now Simply

How to View Your PHP Version in cPanel

These steps are follow View Your PHP Version in cPanel Step 1. Log Into your cPanel account Step 2. Click on the button Server information which is located in the section General Information Step 3. Under the Item column, find PHP Version Step 4. From the Detail column, note the version number. If you enjoyed

How to Reset Password from cPanel

Step 1. You have to Log Into your cPanel account Step2.. Here you have to click “Password & Security” button in the Preferences section Step 3. Now fill here your old password and new password which you want to set and click the “Change your password now”. Note:- Make sure that you entered strong password.

How to Set and manage email forwarders in cPanel?

Step 1. Log Into your cPanel account Step 2.  Search for ‘Forwarders’ in the top search bar and click on the Forwarders icon on the main screen of your cPanel interface to access the forwarders menu. Step 2. Now click on add forward Step 3. Type here the name of the email address which you

How to Customize a cPanel Account in WHM ?

Step 1:-  Log In into WHM account Step2:- Click on Button “Modify an Account” Step 3:- Now on screen will open new window and there are all information field you can edit here Step 4:- Now you have to click on “Save” button and your information will change. If you enjoyed this post, please consider