What are the malware and its types


Malware is a type of threats on the internet, malware is a shorthand for malicious software. Which is designed for the gaining the data from the computer or internet.

Here the gaining means

  1. Accessing the data
  2. Modifying data
  3. Deform the data

In common word you can say that the malware is a type of computer viruses which try to inject into our system and misuse of data. The first viruses organize for the computer is hotly debated. That move host to host on the systems active users without any input. It appears early in 1970.

Different type of malware

Computer viruses

It is a piece of programming code that able to copy and typing effect itself and destroy data from the computer.

Trojan horses

A trojan horse is a program that appears harmful to our system, it’s changed unexpectedly our computer settings and unusually activity of the system.

Cryptocurrency miners

Cryptocurrency is a process to determine transsaiton activity by performing the technique blockchain. Here the meaning of mining is getting and access the data from the server in pattern and relational data.


It is a type of software that is designed for gaining information about any person, organization and company. It provides the accessibility of system control without customers knowledge.


It is a type of software that automatically displayed and download  advertisement such as banners, promotes and pop-up when users online  and connected to networks


It is another type of malicious software which designed for the accessing block of your computer until a sum of money is paid, it aims individually or unique system.

Computer Worms

Computer Worms is self-replicated malware that makes the duplicate spread of your computer. It harms part of operating system and system software. It performs activity automative and invisible to the users.

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