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Using Daily Process Log Feature in WHM

What is Daily Process Log Feature in WHM? Using the Daily Process Log Feature in WHM could help you analyze the server performance and diagnostics. The root access is compulsory to visit the daily process log feature in WHM. From the Daily Process Log feature, you can view and analyze the server performance by various columns such as the daily

Use of Imunify360

What is Imunify360 Imunify360 is an automated security solution that identifies and blocks all the latest types of attacks and abnormal behaviors. It blocks all the cyber threats before they can cause damage to your website. It identifies almost every hacker attack and blocks all the unusual attempts from its integrated firewall. It also comes

Important Uses of Process Manager in WHM?

Hi, In this tutorial, we’re gonna learn about the basic and important uses of the Process Manager feature of WHM. But, before starting into the uses of process manager, let me tell you how you can navigate yourself to the Process manager option. Let’s dive right in!! How To Access Process Manager Feature In WHM? Log into

What is White-Labeling/Re-Branding in Web Hosting Business?

What is White Labeling/Re-Branding? In simple words, While-Labeling refers to the re-branding of products. When a company provides goods or services under the white label, it can be re-branded and sold by any other company with its own name. This method is usually used by the manufacturers to attract users to business with them. Similarly, it is

Find Command in Linux (Find Files & Directories)

Sometimes, it’s difficult to find a Linux file surrounded by thousands of other files. The Linux Command-Line (CLI) has numerous commands that help perform several tasks effortlessly. Apart from listing all the contents of the present directory using the ls command, creating a new directory using the mkdir command, or creating a new blank file using the touch command. You can

How to Use Feature Lists in WHM?

With the help of Feature Lists, you can assign or restrict features to each cPanel account. Feature lists can be created from the Feature Manager option present inside the Packages section. In this article, we’re gonna walk you through the uses of Feature lists in WHM and its benefit. A feature option is only available in Reseller Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, and VPS