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What is the difference between managed VPS server and unmanaged VPS server?

Hi everyone!!! What is the difference between managed VPS server and Unmanaged VPS server? [Important 2019] Here I am going to explain you about Managed VPS & Unmanaged VPS hosting in Brief, I hope you will understand the basic differences between them- VPS stands for Virtual Private Server which is used by those who wants

How to Fix ” DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN” error in chrome?

How to Fix DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN in Chrome[5 Ways to Troubleshoot] [IMPORTANT| Updated May 2019] A very common error that Google Chrome users get when trying to browse to a web page is DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN. This can be frustrating as suddenly you can’t browse to your website or perhaps even anywhere at all. If you’re seeing this error

What is FFMPEG Hosting? How to check whether FFMPEG is enabled in my server or not?

Hello Everyone!!! What is FFMPEG Hosting? [Important| Latest 2019 Blog] FFmpeg hosting is a web hosting designed for Audio and video conversion module. FFmpeg is a free and open-source collection of tools and libraries that allows users to record, convert, and stream video and audio in different types of formats. These tools are extremely useful

How to solve “Connection Refused Timeout error” in FileZilla?

Hi Friends!!!   FileZilla application is needed for every website hosting user. FileZilla is FTP (File Transfer Protocol) Application. Working through FTP is very comfortable and fast. This protocol is used to exchange data, files and folders. Once you created your FTP account then you can login in FileZilla application with FTP account credentials.  While

How to terminate multiple cPanel accounts in bulk via WHM Reseller?

Hello Friends!!! Here in this blog you will get to know how to terminate/remove multiple cPanel accounts in bulk via WHM reseller. So come let’s find how to do this!! [Important| Latest 2019] Steps to terminate multiple cPanel accounts in bulk via WHM Reseller [updated May 2019] step::1 Go to step::2 Login to your

How to unblock any IP from Firewall via WHM Reseller?

Hello Everyone!!! Here in this blog we will know the steps to unblock any IP from Firewall via WHM Reseller? [Important] Steps to unblock any IP from Firewall via WHM Reseller: [updated May 2019] 1. Login to WHM(Reseller) 2. Click on ConfigServer Security & Firewall under Plugins. 3. Enter the IP address and click on Search for IP 4. Then you

Who can register .gov as domain

In a simple way, I would like to say directly no, you can’t register the domain name like .nic & .gov because it is only for governmental use, the citizen is not allowed to register these type of domain. Instead of these, you can choose any other domain among of 250+ domain extension. These domains

Static V dynamic website design

A website is a collection of the pages that may contain text, images audio, video etc. Which is designed for completing and performing any type of particular task. It is running over the network or server and transforming the data from one destination to another pace. The static type of website is a basic type

What’s the cheapest way to buy a domain

We perform analyses and survey to know the opinion of the client or marketing good-will this blog also describes according to customer feedback. Maybe it will change after some of the time of periods, let’s me answer first- I would like to suggest you RedServerHost, you can buy domain here at the cheapest cost with

Steps that protect your site from hackers

You never think that your website will anything worth related data, but your website always ready to compromise with hackers. Hackers always try gaining data and access data to your website and misuse it, on the internet. You should always ready your website to fight hackers and save your important information on the website. What

Understanding domain registration

For identity your website and represent your business you must need a domain name to your website. In markets, many domain registrars exist that offer you to buy a domain and host your website on their server. But if you buy your domain name and hosting plan directly from RedServerHost then you will get a

What is domain parking? How to add and remove one

In this blog, we will discuss domain parking technology and procedure, how you can park domain why we park a domain and benefits of domain parking. You have to make patience and read the whole tutorial then you will clear everything about domain parking- What is domain parking? Domain parking is a type of e-comm

What is the web application testing

A web application testing is performance tools, it used to test web application and interface. It is used to check load and stress performance of the website and other web interfaces. Basic testing techniques for application testing- Functionality testing- It is a software process tool which is used within software development, it conforms and ensures to

How do improve website security

Here I going to show you some basic method how you can improve website security, you have to read my answer and follow this instruction into your website to make it secure and safe. Be updated from time to time (Keep updated your software):- You should update your all installed software up to date time

What are the malware and its types

Malware Malware is a type of threats on the internet, malware is a shorthand for malicious software. Which is designed for the gaining the data from the computer or internet. Here the gaining means Accessing the data Modifying data Deform the data In common word you can say that the malware is a type of

What is a favicon?

The favicon is used to browser’s book marks and tab that is a  basically  logo/graphical Like RedServerHost have You can create your own favicon by simply uploading a 16×16 or 32×32 pixel image to your web root and naming it favicon.ico You can set up it with the help of cPanel If you enjoyed this

What is a Document Root Folder?

It is a document folder where the website file for the domain name is stored. cPanel allows to collaboration multiple domain names (Addon domain, subdomain) you need to have a unique folder for each domain. But always remember that your primary domain stored in the Document Root Folder. public_html/folder If you want to see the document

How to Set Up a Redirect from the cPanel

Step 1. Login to cPanel account Step 2. Click on the “Redirects” icon under the “Domain” section Step  3.  Here you have to select which type of redirects you want to use between Permanent 301 and Permanent 302. Step 4. Drop down the menu “http://(www.)”  and choose the domain name which you wish to redirect. For