How to Install HelpDeskZ via Softaculous?

HelpDeskZ  is a free and an open-source web application software that allows user to manage website support with a web-based ticket system. In this tutorial, we will describe the in-detail procedure to install HeplDeskZ via Softaculous for your website.

Install HelpDeskZ via Softaculous
  • Login to cPanel and go inside Software section.
  • You can also search for softaculous in search bar and navigate to Softaculous Apps Installer in Software section.

    Features of cPanel
    Softaculous Apps Installer
  • On the next page, scroll down to Customer Support section and select HelpDeskZ.
  • Click over Install Now and proceed to install HelpDeskZ via Softaculous in cPanel.

    Install HelpDeskZ
  • On the next page, enter the required credentials.
  • n Software Setup section,  Choose Installation URL, choose the URL to install the software.
    1. Choose Protocol: Select protocol for your website URL from the drop down.
    2. Choose Domain: Select the domain for you want to install HelpDeskZ. (If you have multiple domains, then select the one from the drop down list).
    3. In Directory: Enter the directory name in which you want to install all the files and directories of HelpDeskZ. (If you leave this box blank it will install in your domain directory).
  • In Site Settings,
    1. Site Name: Enter the name that will appear on your website.
    2. Site Description: Write a brief description of your website.
    3. System Email: Enter the system email.

      Set up Installation
  • In Admin Account,
    1. Admin Username: Enter the username which you will use to access your admin panel.
    2. Admin Password: Generate a strong password to login to your admin panel.
    3. First Name: Enter any name as per your choice.
    4. Admin Email: Enter the email where you will receive all your updates.
  • Scroll down to Advanced Options and set up your database details.

    Set up Database & Complete Installation
  • Click over Install and complete the Installation. As the installation gets completed, you will receive a message.

    Successfully installed HelpDeskZ

You will get installation and Administrative URL. Refer to the above given image.

That’s It !

Hope the article better describes the procedure to install HelpDeskZ via Softaculous in cPanel. Do share it with your colleagues if you find it working. Also share your suggestions and drop your queries to start the discussion on the related topic. Lets connect on social media with the below links.

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