How to Install WordPress in Sub-Directory?

In this tutorial, we have explained the detailed procedure to install WordPress in sub-directory. But before proceeding further with the steps, let’s give a short description about the sub-directory.

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  1. Install WordPress manually
  2. Install WordPress via Softaculous


A sub-directory is a directory which is present inside parent directory. That means the domain you owned is the parent directory and additional directories that are created inside your domain directory is sub-directory.

How sub-directory different from sub-domain?

Sub-directory and sub-domain are different. They both represent the different sections of the parent directory but the main difference between them is that sub-directory is considered as segment of the website while sub-domains are considered as a separate website.

To understand the difference more clearly, check the given URL.                                                                         The URL for sub-directory is like and URL for sub-domain is like

When you install WordPress in sub-directory then search engine can easily crawl the pages as they are the part of the website while it takes time to index sub-domain websites as search engine consider sub-domains as separate website.

How to Install WordPress in sub-directory?

We have discuss about the sub-directory and sub-domain. To install WordPress in sub-directory, I expect that you have a cPanel account and you have created sub-directory. Now, there are two ways to install WordPress in sub-directory. We will go through each of them in detail.

Install WordPress in Sub-domain.
Install WordPress in Sub-Directory

1. Install WordPress Manually

You can install WordPress manually by installing the file and extracting it into the sub-directory. Let us see the detailed procedure to do the same.

  • First of all, go to and click Download WordPress.
  • The file will be downloaded in .zip format. Save File.
download WordPress from
Download WordPress
  • Now, login to your cPanel account and get inside File Manager section.
Feature List Page
Select File Manager
  • Get inside the sub-directory where you want to install WordPress.
  • Click over Upload to upload file.
Upload file in sub-directory
  • Reload the page and you will find .zip file in sub-directory.
  • Right click over the file and then Extract.
Extract WordPress file
Extract file

The file will be extracted in a new directory named wordpress or wp. You have to move all the files to sub-directory(blog).

  •  To access WordPress, database is required. So, let us create a database for WordPress.
  • From the cPanel feature list page, select MySQL Databases.
  • On the next page, create a new database as directed in image.
Create Database for WordPress
Create Database
  • Create Database User and assign user to the database.
Create user and add it to database
Create User and Add User to Database
  • Assign All Privileges to user and Make Changes.

Now, visit the sub-directory in the browser as URL, where you have all your WordPress files. For example, if you have installed WordPress in sub-directory blog then the URL would be like The page will ask you to select Language, do the same and Continue. A window will appear that tells about the database and its credentials, click over Let’s Go!

  • A page will appear where you have to enter the database name, database user name etc that you have created in cPanel.
Enter Database and User Name
  • Click over Submit. Then Run the Installation and proceed.
  • A Welcome Page will appear, fill the credentials as per your choice and Install WordPress.
Install WordPress
Install WordPress
  • WordPress welcomes you with a confirmation message. You can now Log In to dashboard and manage your WordPress website.

With the given procedure you can manually install WordPress in sub-directory.

Another way to install WordPress in sub-directory is via Softaculous in cPanel. Let us go through the procedure to do the same.

Install WordPress via Softaculous

Suppose I want to install WordPress in sub-directory named blog. Here are the steps to install WordPress in sub-directory.

  • Login to cPanel.
  • Select Softaculous Apps Installer from Software section.
Softaculous Apps Installer
Get Softaculous Apps Installer in cPanel
  • Select WordPress and click over Install Now.
WordPress Installation process
Install WordPress
  • On the next page, enter the required credentials as directed.
Enter the credentials
Enter the credentials
  • In Software Setup section,
  1. Choose Protocol: Select the protocol to manage HTTPS redirection.
  2. Choose Domain: Select the domain or sub domain for which you want to install WordPress.
  3. In directory: Enter the sub-directory name(blog) where you want to install WordPress.
  • In Site Settings,
  1. Site Name: Enter the name of your site.
  2. Site Description: Enter the description of your site.
  3. Admin Username: Set the admin username that would be use to login to dashboard.
  4. Admin Password: Set strong password to login.
  5. Admin Email: Enter the email where all the updates related to WordPress would be received.
  • Scroll down and Choose Language, Select Plugins, enter database related details in Advanced Options and then Select Theme.
Enter More Details
Select Language and Plugins and then manage Advanced Options
Click over Install
Complete the Installation Process
  • Click over Install and complete the procedure to install WordPress in sub-directory.

You will receive notification that you have successfully installed WordPress.

Hope the article better explains the procedure to install WordPress in sub-directory. So, if you find this article helpful then do share with your colleagues.

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