How to promote a customer to reseller in Hostcontrol [Step by Step] ☑️

How to promote a customer to reseller in Hostcontrol  [Step by Step] ☑️

This tutorial is all about promoting a customer to reseller in HostControl panel.

Come let’s find out the steps below: [IMPORTANT]

Step::1 Login to your HostControl panel
Step::2 Now go to the Customer section and click on Details tab
Step::3 Click on the Customer Actions Menu and select the option”Promote to Reseller”
Step::4 Fill out the details in the boxes
Step::5 After getting done, Click on Confirm

Hence you have successfully learnt how to promote a customer to reseller  in HostControl Domain panel.

We hope this article was clear enough to make you understand how to modify the contact details of a domain owner in HostControl Domain panel.

You can also watch the video Tutorial here

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