How to Sell your domain at the highest possible price? [EASY GUIDE]☑️

How to Sell your domain at the highest possible price? [EASY GUIDE]☑️

Today in this video you will learn the techniques of selling a domain successfully and profitably. If you are in domain flipping business and want to learn the art and techniques, then this video is certainly going to help you. A domain name is not just a name. But it’s so much more than this. Every online business starts with a domain name. It’s the first thing people would have to remember when they want to visit your site. If you are thinking to sell out your domain name then you do not need to worry. Godaddy is providing a platform for selling your domain through Godaddy Auctions.

But before getting started watch the video on how and where to sell your domain at the highest possible price.

Follow the steps to sell your Domain at the Highest possible price:

Step::1 List your domain on a domain marketplace

Step::2 Sell it at auction on GoDaddy, Sedo,Flippa, or any other auction site

One of my Favorite is GoDaddy Auctions which is very popular marketplace for people and companies on the hunt for quality, soon-to-expire domains. It attracts upwards of one million domain buyers monthly, and as the top registrar in the world, your auction listing will gain plenty of valuable exposure. If you’re wondering how to sell a domain name at GoDaddy Auctions, there are several options to choose from.

But before selling a domain at Godaddy you need to become a member of GoDaddy Auctions for ₨319.00/yr! with Godaddy auction then you will get the free and simple listing option. You can also grab some advanced features of increasing your domain visibility.

Steps of Selling your Domain at GoDaddy

Step::1 Log in GoDaddy Account

Step::2 Click on Manage

Step::3 Click on Godaddy Auctions Listings option

Step::4 Choose the domain you want to sell

Step::5 Click on List for Sale option.

Step::6 Fill all the required details such as:

  • PayPal Email
  • Category
  • Sub Category
  • Auction Type
  • Starting Bid

Step::7 Once you read and check out all term and condition then click on Finish Button

That’s it!!!

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