How to upload your website in cPanel?

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cPanel is essentially a web hosting control panel that is Linux based and which, owing to its graphic user interface and handy automation tools, makes for a very simplified process of web hosting.

Uploading a Website To cPanel [Updated Dec 2021]

Uploading an existing website to cPanel is necessary for the proper administration and management of the website since cPanel is essentially an online web hosting control panel.

How to upload your website in cPanel? [Important| Revised 2019]

upload your website in cpanel - redserverhost


Login to your cPanel or go to the link


On being logged in, look for Files under the File Manager option at the top of the screen


Now go inside public_html and Look for the Upload button at the top of the interface and click on it.Click on upload icon -

Once you do that, another menu will pop up, where you need to click on Select File.

select file button -


Select the file to be uploaded from your PC and then click on the file -


As soon as the file gets uploaded click the link Back to home/customer/public_html.back to public_html -

The files of your website will now be visible on the File Manager screen.find the file in public html

[Note: Make sure all files are uploaded inside public_html]

Congratulations, you have just learned how to upload a website!!

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