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Find Command in Linux (Find Files & Directories)

Sometimes, it’s difficult to find a Linux file surrounded by thousands of other files. The Linux Command-Line (CLI) has numerous commands that help perform several tasks effortlessly. Apart from listing all the contents of the present directory using the ls command, creating a new directory using the mkdir command, using rsync command, or creating a new blank file using the touch command. You

Who developed Linux?

I am going to describe your history of Linux in brief, you should consider my answer if you want to know more about Linx hosting- Linus Torvalds developed Linux he begins to develop it in 1991. He wrote this program specifically for the hardware and he was using an independent OS (Operating System) because they

What is the basic difference between Linux hosting and windows hosting?

Linux hosting is the most popular type of website hosting platform which is prefers shared hosting and VPS technology. Linux hosting is the most popular hosting as compared to windows hosting, you will get here unexpected complicity, scalability with attractive functionality. Windows hosting is also a type of website hosting platform but totally different to

Why e-mails go to spam box?

It is a common experience that you say to someone, “Sorry, but I have not got your mail yet” and the person replies, “Please check your mail or junk folder”. We’ve all been there: waiting on that important email only to discover it in the spam folder days later. There you see a lot of mails