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What is White-Labeling/Re-Branding in Web Hosting Business?

What is White Labeling/Re-Branding? In simple words, While-Labeling refers to the re-branding of products. When a company provides goods or services under the white label, it can be re-branded and sold by any other company with its own name. This method is usually used by the manufacturers to attract users to business with them. Similarly, it is

How to Repair a MySQL Database in cPanel?

Well, repairing the MySQL database is usually the first diagnostics step for most database issues. It is also quite easy to repair a MySQL database from your cPanel itself. Let me tell you how. First of all, log into your cPanel account. Navigate to the DATABASES tab and click over the MySQL Databases option. Select the database you want

Force Mp3/Mp4 Files To Download Instead Of Streaming Online Via Htaccess

What are the .htaccess commands which force media files like (mp3/mp4) to download instead of streaming online? [Important| Revised 2019] If you want to have the visitors force download the media files like mp3/mp4 instead of streaming online then this will require a small bit of .htaccess code to be added in your htaccess file.