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How to Edit System Mail Preferences in WHM?

Edit System Mail Preferences Editing the mail preferences in WHM is crucial if you want to stay notified with all the server updates. In this tutorial, we’ll walk you through a step-by-step guide to Edit your System Mail Preferences in WHM so that you always receive an email alert for server stats. Visit “Edit System

‘System Reboot’ Feature in WHM

System Reboot Feature in WHM Well, when people hear the word ‘Reboot’, they usually think about the downtime, loading time, etc. And for the website owner, system administrator, or webmaster, this is a scary thing. In IT, we often worship the concept of ‘Uptime‘ – It plays the most crucial part in the success of

How to Allow CSF Privilege to a Reseller Through WHM?

You can easily allow the CSF Privileges to a Reseller through WHM root. Follow the below steps carefully to allow CSF privileges to a reseller account. Allow CSF Privilege to a Reseller Through WHM   1: As always, log in to your WHM panel as root.   2: From the dashboard, navigate to the Resellers section.   3: Move inside