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Using ‘Apache Status’ Feature in WHM

Hi, The Apache Status Feature in WHM is present inside the Server Status tab. You can view your Apache server status using this feature. For example, if someone clicks on your domain URL, “yourdomain.com“, Apache is responsible to serve the content/result that the visitor is looking for. If you feel slower website speed or your website page isn’t being served

‘System Reboot’ Feature in WHM

System Reboot Feature in WHM Well, when people hear the word ‘Reboot’, they usually think about the downtime, loading time, etc. And for the website owner, system administrator, or webmaster, this is a scary thing. In IT, we often worship the concept of ‘Uptime‘ – It plays the most crucial part in the success of

How to Check Current Running Processes in WHM?

Hi, You can easily check all the currently running processes of your server from your WHM root. Follow the below steps to check Current Running Processes in WHM root. First of all, log into your WHM as a root. Either navigate to the System Health > Show Current Running Processes  Or simply type Show Current in the search

How to Enable Greylisting in WHM Root?

Enabling the Greylisting according to your user emails will protect the users from spam emails. When Greylisting is enabled, the mail server will temporarily reject all the emails new emails from a sender that the server doesn’t recognize. You can customize the Initial deferral time, resend acceptance time, and record expiration time. You can also allow users to bypass Greylisting