Top 5 Features That You Get In Red Server Host’s Linux Shared Hosting

A simple explanation is “linux web hosting on a Linux-based server allowing developers to create their site within the Linux Operating System”. A Linux server allows web developers to use popular and powerful open-source programs like PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Python, Ruby, SSH and many more to build their site.

Red Server Host Linux Hosting plans are best among the top 10 hosting providers in India. We have been providing excellent quality Linux Web Hosting from +4 years. We are young and energetic and so are our services. We have linux experts as our Server Administrators who are continuously keeping an eye on server with all their sharp weapons and tools.

Our top 5 features include:

  1. FREE SSL: SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a standard security protocol for establishing encrypted links between a web server and a browser in an online communication. Provided absolutely free with all the linux shared web hosting packages, SSL gives your site a high level security. All your data is sent over internet in encrypted manner. A web page should use encryption when it expects users to submit confidential data, including personal information, passwords, or credit card details. All web browsers have the ability to interact with secured sites so long as the site’s certificate is issued by a trusted CA.

    If your site has an active SSL then it will show up a green lock symbol in the address bar just before your domain name.

  2. Unlimited Professional E-mail IDs: A professional email is the one that has your business name in it. Email accounts on free email services like are not good because they do not look professional. But most of the hosting providers limit your number of professional email ids. With Red Server Host Linux Shared Hosting plans you get an exciting feature of creating unlimited email ids. Absolutely no restriction! Quite Impressive!

    In addition, customers for business emails to contact customer service, make inquiries, or schedule appointments. In fact, 75% of customers say that professional business email addresses are key to building loyalty with a small business.

    With really easy steps to create one, you get to choose different email quota limits with your mail ids.

  3. 1-click Apps Installer: Installing web apps like wordpress, prestashop and opencart is no more a tedious task. With Red Server Host Best Linux Hosting platform you can do magic in seconds. Just select your favorite web app from the list of free applications and use only few clicks to install it.

    The free Softaculous Installer features several important customizations to make it easy for beginners as well as professionals to get started, including free and open source themes from famous web development apps like WordPress, a standard selection of plugins, and a security enhancement.

  4. Free Migration: Are you planning to switch to Red Server Host but worried about transferring your data from old host to us? You just buy linux hosting plan from us and then enjoy the luxury of our services we will migrate your data from old cpanel hosting provider to ours. Free of cost, our migration experts will migrate your whole cpanel data from old provider to the fastest linux hosting provider.
  5. Money Back Guarantee: Even if nothing convinces you to stay with us within a month, not a big deal. With our 30-day money back policy, nothing can go wrong. Our money back policy is even simpler because we never force you to provide any reason for cancellation. You can cancel our best in industry, famous linux hosting anytime within 30 days of purchase and claim your full/prorata refund.

Give it a try, you are going to love it. Club your linux web hosting plan with a .com domain at cheapest rates in the industry. Visit our website for more details and features.

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