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How to View Your PHP Version in cPanel

These steps are follow View Your PHP Version in cPanel Step 1. Log Into your cPanel account Step 2. Click on the button Server information which is located in the section General Information Step 3. Under the Item column, find PHP Version Step 4. From the Detail column, note the version number. If you enjoyed

How to Reset Password from cPanel

Step 1. You have to Log Into your cPanel account Step2.. Here you have to click “Password & Security” button in the Preferences section Step 3. Now fill here your old password and new password which you want to set and click the “Change your password now”. Note:- Make sure that you entered strong password.

How to Set and manage email forwarders in cPanel?

Step 1. Log Into your cPanel account Step 2.  Search for ‘Forwarders’ in the top search bar and click on the Forwarders icon on the main screen of your cPanel interface to access the forwarders menu. Step 2. Now click on add forward Step 3. Type here the name of the email address which you

How to Customize a cPanel Account in WHM ?

Step 1:-  Log In into WHM account Step2:- Click on Button “Modify an Account” Step 3:- Now on screen will open new window and there are all information field you can edit here Step 4:- Now you have to click on “Save” button and your information will change. If you enjoyed this post, please consider

How to Suspend / Unsuspend cPanel accounts within WHM?

Step 1:- Log In into your WHM account. Step 2:-  Now you will see left side on screen  “Manage Account Suspensions” and click here. Step 3:- Now you have to type Reason (if suspending) and simply click” suspend“ or “unsuspend”:- now your  account has been suspended  or Suspended. If you enjoyed this post, please consider

How to create an email account from the cPanel?

step 1:- Log In into your cPanel account Step 2:- Click on email accounts icon which located at in Email section Step 3:- Please fill all the necessary information in the text field you have to fill all the information field in order and then make a password which is suitable to you. Step 4:-

How do I create a sub domain in my cPanel?

Create Sub domain in cPanel:- Log in to cPanel 2. Here you can find the sub domain section and click here 3. After clicking it will open new window and type here name of sub domain that you want and after typed sub domain name it will create automatically folder name in document root. 4.

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Which type of hosting should I choose to host a website which has a lot of traffic?

A lot of traffic means the script or code will execute multiple number of times, sometimes – concurrently even! For this server needs to be capable enough to handle high amount of requests simultaneously. It should not restrict your web application from executing processes. All this can never be possible in a shared hosting environment.

What is web hosting and how much can I earn?

Web Hosting As I have already explained the details in I have coded a website. How do I host it?, however, web hosting is the service that makes your website available to be viewed by others on the Internet. A web host provides space on its server, so that other computers around the world can

I have coded a website. How do I host it?

Now that you have designed and developed your website on local host you need to host it on a server that can server your files all over internet. After you host your site on server, your site can be viewed from any system/computer from any location if the system/computer is connected to internet. You need

How to create Reseller accounts in WHM?

Step 1.  To add a reseller account in your WHM panel first type create in the WHM search bar in the upper left hand corner of the page. Next, click the Create a New Account link under the Account Functions section. Fill out the domain name and the system will auto-fill a suggested user name. Step 2.  Put the users contact email

Why e-mails go to spam box?

It is a common experience that you say to someone, “Sorry, but I have not got your mail yet” and the person replies, “Please check your mail or junk folder”. We’ve all been there: waiting on that important email only to discover it in the spam folder days later. There you see a lot of mails