Author: Faisal K

How to Enable BoxTrapper in cPanel?

BoxTrapper feature in cPanel is used to reduce spam emails. Once the Boxtrapper feature enables, it will filter all the spam emails from your webmail and will send customizable verification to enable in return. It’s called the challenge-response verification process. In this article, we’ll walk you through the step-by-step guide to Enable Boxtrapper in cPanel. Enable BoxTrapper in

How to Repair a MySQL Database in cPanel?

Well, repairing the MySQL database is usually the first diagnostics step for most database issues. It is also quite easy to repair a MySQL database from your cPanel itself. Let me tell you how. First of all, log into your cPanel account. Navigate to the DATABASES tab and click over the MySQL Databases option. Select the database you want

How to Prevent Bypassing the Mail Server to Send Mail?

Well, you can prevent bypassing the mail server to send mail, and block users to create spam scripts by enabling the SMTP Restrictions. Enabling the SMTP Restrictions will prevent users from bypassing the mail server to send mail. Once enabled, it only allows mail delivery through MTA, mailman, and root connect to remote SMTP servers. Note: This method

How to Use Feature Lists in WHM?

With the help of Feature Lists, you can assign or restrict features to each cPanel account. Feature lists can be created from the Feature Manager option present inside the Packages section. In this article, we’re gonna walk you through the uses of Feature lists in WHM and its benefit. A feature option is only available in Reseller Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, and VPS

How to Enable Greylisting in WHM Root?

Enabling the Greylisting according to your user emails will protect the users from spam emails. When Greylisting is enabled, the mail server will temporarily reject all the emails new emails from a sender that the server doesn’t recognize. You can customize the Initial deferral time, resend acceptance time, and record expiration time. You can also allow users to bypass Greylisting

How to Allow CSF Privilege to a Reseller Through WHM?

You can easily allow the CSF Privileges to a Reseller through WHM root. Follow the below steps carefully to allow CSF privileges to a reseller account. Allow CSF Privilege to a Reseller Through WHM   1: As always, log in to your WHM panel as root.   2: From the dashboard, navigate to the Resellers section.   3: Move inside

How to Hide Server Information from cPanel Interface?

Hi, If you don’t want to show the Server Information option to the cPanel users, then you can easily remove it from your Web Host Manager (WHM). The Server Information section contains useful information such as Server Name, cPanel/Apache/MySQL Version, IP Address, Etc. You can hide Server Information from WHM by browsing into the Feature Manager present inside

How to Create Backup Jobs via JetBackup? – Local Backup

Well, JetBackup offers several backup options such as Incremental Backup, Archived Backup, Compressed Backup, Etc. To automate these backup processes, we use the Backup Jobs option in JetBackup. If you don’t have JetBackup installed in your WHM, you can browse our previous tutorial to Install JetBackup in WHM Root and come to this post again, after installing the JetBackup.