Do you provide Unlimited disk space?

YES!!! We do provide Unlimited Disk Space

Storage, also known as disc space or data storage, refers to the amount of data you can have on your hosting account. When a hosting plan offers unlimited storage, there is no limit to the amount of space you can use for your website or email – but you will run into other limitations if your site becomes too big.

The Truth About Unlimited Storage

The amount of files and data that can be stored on a server is limited by the space available from its connected disc drives. In the case of hosting plans with unlimited space, when disc space is nearing its capacity, additional disc drives are added to the server to increase storage space. Unlimited storage may be more accurately described as unlimited storage available.

Data eating up storage space on your hosting account or server includes the obvious things like documents, images, music, and video, but it also includes less apparent things like emails, system files, and the pages of your website. How much disk space you need is mostly dependent on the number of pages and media on your site.

Unlike other cheap web hosting providers and reseller web hosting companies, we do not have any artificial limits on how much data you can transfer or store each month. The Unlimited disk space means really unlimited! Fill in as much as you can with HTML, PHP, javascript, CSS, and image files.

If your website contains only Html, PHP, javascript, CSS, and image files then you don’t really need to think all about Disk Space. But if it is a Multimedia streaming website then we have another hosting called FFmpeg hosting in which you get 100-900 GB of WebSpace. You can check it here


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