Guide to the dedicated hosting server

Dedicated hosting server is a type of web hosting solution where user lease entire server and root access of server control rather than a position of shared server. It is beneficial for e-comm business and any large activity over the Internet. It is service that user takes on rent from any web services provider. It improves the performance of your website and enhances quality on the server side. The dedicated server is little costly than the Shared server and VPS (Virtual Private server) but when you will see their advantage and facilities then you will clear that it better for you business which gives wings to your business.

An advantage of the dedicated server-

1. Lease entire server rather than shared portion server

2. Enhance performance and security

It provides maximum uptime of your website. If your website will suffer a lot of traffic then dedicated server will enhance the performance of your website and provide a traffic-free platform to your website on the server.

3. Flexibility

It also allows their client to flexible according to there business requirements and, they can customize it as there need to operate the business according to the environment.

4. Unique IP addresses

IP (Internet Protocol) gives you a unique identity to your devices and system. If one of your neighbours is a sperm site and adult site. Then your website rank pushed down.

Dedicated server consist of basically two parts

Managed Dedicated server

Managed  dedicated server accounts controlled by the service provider through the IP addresses and some other external resources. If the user gets manage dedicated server then their backups, accounts, and all set up handled by the ISP through the internet. It is perfect for small business or company as well as large firm.

Unmanaged Dedicated server

The server which is used by people in small business where particularly to restarted there themselves is known as the unmanaged dedicated server. Here no any external sources managing and monitoring your data. The only client is responsible for there accounts set up and all the backups. It may require some technical knowledge and they will highly beneficial at cost point of view.

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