What is WordPress and how can I learn??

WordPress is an online open source website creation platform that allows you to create the website exactly as you want. It is a most powerful blogging platform and content management system. Which is to use and understand with the help of WordPress anyone can make an attractive website without technical knowledge. There are so many functions, plugins and background you should only visit and install a program that you want to use on your website.

Online resources that help us to learn WordPress with tutorial and graphics

  1. WordPress TV
  2. WP Beginner
  3. WP101
  4. WP square
  5. Udemy

You can visit their site which I am described just above in slide. These are the top five online tools that help to learn WordPress on the internet, you can learn here easily within some days. WordPress is a first platform that allows to the creation of the website without any coding interface. Here you can design website With UGI interface.

Advantage WordPress-

  • Manage your website any computer
  • Easy to use (Graphical interface)
  • Design your website with customization
  • Search engine access easily website which is designed in WordPress
  • You can control your website with yourself
  • WordPress is quite popular for the Blogging site
  • You can choose attractive plugins that are allowed by the WordPress

Disadvantage of WordPress-

  • No technical support
  • Unsecured CMS technique
  • Completed after multiple configuration processes
  • Include technical code is complex in WordPress website

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