What is privacy protection in domain? Which domain TLD’s does not allow privacy protection service?

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What is privacy protection in domain? [Important| Updated May 2019]

As we all know that whenever we buy any domain from any registrar he/she must have to add valid contact information to the Hosting provider which are further stored in Whois database.

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What is privacy protection in the domain?

Whois keeps several databases like e-mail addresses, phone numbers, and even mailing addresses of all owners and administrators of domains to be publicly available.

By purchasing Private protection, you can hide your personal contact information in WhoisThis will hide your private information from whois info and then your personal info cannot be seen by any normal person on the web.

Some popular hosting companies like GoDaddy and Hostgator provides paid Whois privacy protection to their clients whereas in case of Redserverhost provides Whois privacy protection free of cost. I have also applied for Whois Privacy protection on my website free of cost along with the Hosting services from Redserverhost.

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Which domain TLD does not allow privacy protection services? [updated May 2019]

All the TLDs allow privacy protection except the TLDs which are registered with India’s official Domain Name Registry like:






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