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How to Create & Setup Cloudflare On Websites – A Complete Guide

Website security has a vital role in your website’s overall health. Where you can protect your website and its data by some other methods but, they won’t protect your website from external attacks. Happily, website security can be hardened with CloudFlare Security Support. In this article, we’ll walk you through a Complete Guide to Create &

What changes should be done in Cloudflare while changing hosting?

Changes required in Cloudflare while changing your hosting provider? [EASY GUIDE]☑️ Today in this tutorial we will explain you what all changes are required in Cloudflare account when you change your hosting provider. If you are changing hosting providers, then you can keep your current Cloudflare account and update the IP information under Cloudflare DNS

How to eliminate/minimise downtime when adding your domain to Cloudflare?

How to Eliminate/minimise downtime when adding your domain to Cloudflare? [STEP BY STEP]☑️ Today in this tutorial we will show you how to add your domain in Cloudflare using the correct procedures, so that your site should not experience any downtime during the change. Watch this short video tutorial on how to eliminate downtime in