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How do you host a website on cPanel

It is of the best question, I would like to show you how you can host your website in cPanel within few minutes. You need to consider the following steps, which I am going to describe below in answer- Stage 1- Before discussing cPanel we have to clarify where and how we will get cPanel

How do I manage theme in WHM

Let’see how to manage theme in WHM account Step 1. Log into WHM account Step 2. Under the theme castogery, you have to click on the universal category Step 3.  You have to go click manage theme which will locate under the cPanel account. Step 4.  Here you will be able to manage and customize

How do I Change default language in WHM

You can change now your default language in WHM account with yourself you need to follow these steps which we will going to explain:- Step 1. Log into your WHM interface Step 2. You have to click here Tweak settings option from the left-hand site on the menu Step 3.  Here click on the system

How you can see list of subdomains

As we already have described that how to create sub-domain in this tutorial I am going to described how we can see the list of subdomain in WHM account. Step 1. Log into WHM account Step 2. Click ont the link Account Iinformation which will located oon the home screen Step 3.  You will able

What is the Skeleton directory in WHM?

The skeleton directory is a one of the main element function in WHM panel, now I am going to explain something more about it. Skeleton directory is that place where reseller hosting is created the index page of all websites. It means reseller hosting put here the home page of all accounts/website. Where you can

How do modify the suspended ?

Step 1. Log into WHM account Step 2. Under the Accounts Functions click on the Manage Account Suspension link Step 3. You have to select here account that you want to modify Step 4. You can do here the modification to the suspended page directory and click on the link Upload Template to make change

How can change account password in WHM?

This is one of the best features of WHM that allow modifying your account, if you want to modify your account password then you should follow my instructions. Step 1. Log into WHM account Step 2. You have to click here account functions icon which is located on the screen Step 3. You will see

How to modify an account in WHM?

WHM (Web Host Manager) is provided to the facility to modify existing account there you can change information as per your requirement and need:- Step 1. Log into WHM account Step 2. Click on the link Modify an account under the account function section Step 3.  Here you have to select the name of the

How to limit bandwidth usage in WHM?

Bandwidth refers some amount of data information that transmitted over the channel on the server at the particular time that is limited by the WHM provider or hosting provider at the time of purchasing hosting package. Step 1. Log Into WHM account Step 2. You see here Account Information link you have to click on