How to Install WordPress Manually

Before starting the steps you need to download the latest version of WordPress from their official website.

Step 1. Log into cPanel

Step 2. Click on the  “File Manager” option Under the files.

3. Select the  directory where you wish to install WordPress website and simply click Go

4. Now you have to extract the WordPress zip file in the directory for your WordPress website

5. In this step create the Database and database user then Add user to the database with full permission

6.  Now visit your domain that you up loaded the WordPress file to.

Here server will ask you to choose your default language, select the language and then click continue..

7. Here you will see a list of the requirements for proceeding with the manual installation and click let’s Go

8. Fill here each field with database information it is necessary to order your database and click ono the “submit” button.

9. Here you have to confirm the page and click the “all right”  and click on the link “Run The Install”

10. In this step, you can set username and password for Administration and you also have to check boxes now click on Install WordPress

Now here you will see pop-up “Successful” message.

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