How to move files from one host to another host in cpanel?

In order to make your website visible when you have pointed your name servers to new hosting you should follow any one of these two methods.

Method 1-

  • Login to your old cpanel account(your previous hosting service).
  • Click on File Manager then open public_html folder.
  • On the top you can see a “Select all option”. Click it. All the items in ‘public_html’ folder will be selected.
  • Then right click on the selected items and select “compress” option. Give the compressed folder a suitable name. Your named compressed folder will appear wherein you will find all the contents of public_html.
  • Download it.
  • Note:- In case you have a database record in your website, then export your “phpmyadmin” folder to your system.
  • Finally login to your new cpanel account(your new hosting service).
  • Go to “File Manager” and open ‘public_html’ folder.
  • Click on “Upload” button on top. Choose that ‘compressed’ folder which you have downloaded from your old cpanel account.
  • Right click on that compressed folder to extract all its contents.
  • Note:- In case you have a database record, import the database which you have exported from your old cpanel account.
  • Make sure to delete the compressed folder after you have extracted all files from it in order to have safety.

Method 2:-

This is the simplest method.

  • Login to your old cpanel account.
  • You can see an option “Backup Wizard”. Click it.
  • Now there are three option- Full Backup OR Partial Backup(which includes Home directory or MySql databases or Email Forwarders & Filters). Choose the option as per your requirements.
  • It is recommended to take a full backup in order to ensure protection.
  • Select the destination for the backup files.
  1.  You can store the files in your home directory on your web server by selecting Home Directory from the pull-  down menu.
  2.  cPanel can also utilize FTP or SCP to store the files to a remote machine.
  3.  To do this, fill in the appropriate information and select the method for file transfer from the pull-down  menu.
  • If you wish to download the backup to your system, follow next step.
  • Ensure you specify an email address here. By doing so the backup process will email you once it is complete and you won’t have to keep coming back to check the backup process progress.
  • Click on ‘Generate Backup’ button.
  • To download a copy of the backup file to your computer, click the filename under “Backups Available for Download”.
  • If FTP or SCP was used, an email will be sent to the email address that you specified at the beginning of the process.
  • The file will be stored as a compressed data file, with the filename extension .tar.gz in the /home/cpanel_username directory.
  • Now download the backup.
  • Now login to your new cpanel account.
  • Click on Backup Wizard.
  • Click on Restore option and select the restore type or just upload the downloaded backup to public_html of the new hosting cpanel account.

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