Is there any TLD which is free? How can i get any domain 100% free?

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In this article, you will find where to get a domain free of cost| Find here| a 100% free guarantee

How to get any domain 100% free of cost? Where to buy a free domain? [Important| updated May 2019]

There are many websites like that provides free registration to .tk, .ml, .ga, .cf .gq

How to get free domain? Where can we get free domain?| cheap linux hosting
How to get a free domain? Where can we get a free domain?

But one should also keep in mind that there are certain drawbacks of using a free domain,

  • Very less traffic
  • Poor ranking in SEO
  • Google hardly crawls your website

Hence I would sincerely advise you that if you are going for an online business then paid domain names like .com(top-ranked TLD) .net, .org is the way to go.

Here is the list of 3 top TLDs:

.com — Commercial > Business / eCommerce.

.org — Organisations > Non-profits / Forums / Resources.

.net — Network > Internet Provider / Services / Technology.

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