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How to Edit System Mail Preferences in WHM?

Edit System Mail Preferences Editing the mail preferences in WHM is crucial if you want to stay notified with all the server updates. In this tutorial, we’ll walk you through a step-by-step guide to Edit your System Mail Preferences in WHM so that you always receive an email alert for server stats. Visit “Edit System

How to Prevent Bypassing the Mail Server to Send Mail?

Well, you can prevent bypassing the mail server to send mail, and block users to create spam scripts by enabling the SMTP Restrictions. Enabling the SMTP Restrictions will prevent users from bypassing the mail server to send mail. Once enabled, it only allows mail delivery through MTA, mailman, and root connect to remote SMTP servers. Note: This method

How To Migrate EasyApache 4 Server Configuration Profile On Different cPanel/WHM Server?

EasyApache is an in-built tool in your cPanel/WHM to configure & manage most of the important software that powers your web server. EasyApache 4 (EA4) Configures, Installs, Updates, and Validates your web server, PHP, and the other important components of your web server. It also manages the installation of Apache and many other PHP extensions and