How to Edit System Mail Preferences in WHM?

Edit System Mail Preferences

Editing the mail preferences in WHM is crucial if you want to stay notified with all the server updates. In this tutorial, we’ll walk you through a step-by-step guide to Edit your System Mail Preferences in WHM so that you always receive an email alert for server stats.

Visit “Edit System Mail Preferences” Section in WHM

Well, you can easily access the System Mail Preferences section in WHM by following the below steps:

  1. Foremost, log into WHM.
  2. Navigate yourself to Server Contacts >> Edit System Mail Preferences section.
  3. You can also type “System Mail” in the search bar and click over the Edit System Mail Preferences link.

    Accessing System Mail Preferences WHM
    Accessing System Mail Preferences WHM
  4. That’s it, you’ll be redirected to the Edit System Mail Preferences page where you can perform all the mail preferences settings.

Edit System Mail Preferences in WHM

Once you land there, you’ll see the below notes on the top of your the page.

  • Usually, the system sends emails about problems on the server and normal server activity to “root.”
  • If you do not use suexec, the “nobody” user receives bounce messages from email that CGI scripts send.

It defines how the system sends emails to the server to root, and an alert in the second point.

Mail Preferences Notes
Mail Preferences Notes

Scroll down to the Forward mail for “cpanel” to box. Type the email address you want to send notifications of all the email alerts hosted in your server. Other than this, you can also select any existing user to send cpanel email notifications.

Edit System Mail Preferences Section
Edit System Mail Preferences Section

Hit the Update button to apply the changes immediately. Once updated, ‘The system currently forwards mail for “cpanel” to’ will be changed without even re-loading the entire page.

Current Forwarding Email
Current Forwarding Email

Likewise, you can use the above steps for the “root” and “nobody“.

Moreover, below are the brief explanation about the type of emails you can receive from each of the system users.

  • root – Email associated with the “root” system will receive notifications about the problems and activity on the server.
  • cpanel – Email associated with the “cpanel” system will receive cPanel accounts (disk quota, bandwidth usage, emails per hour limit exceed, etc.) notifications.
  • nobody – This system email account receives alerts about problems that are related to the Apache Webserver. As mentioned in this feature’s notice – if the user is not using suexec, all notifications sent to “nobody” from CGI scripts will bounce.


I hope now you have a clear-cut knowledge about the Edit System Mail Preferences, and you can easily do the same. If this doesn’t knock your mind, feel free to hit the comment section, we’ll be happy to assist you. Other than this, you can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter for any further inquiries & suggestions.

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