How to Prevent Bypassing the Mail Server to Send Mail?

Well, you can prevent bypassing the mail server to send mail, and block users to create spam scripts by enabling the SMTP Restrictions. Enabling the SMTP Restrictions will prevent users from bypassing the mail server to send mail. Once enabled, it only allows mail delivery through MTA, mailman, and root connect to remote SMTP servers.

Note: This method will work for the root users only.

Enabling the SMTP Restrictions

  • Log into WHM as a root.
  • Type smtp in the search box, and click over the SMTP Restrictions from the result.
SMTP Restrictions
SMTP Restrictions
  • Simply hit the Enable button to turn on the SMTP Restrictions.
Enable SMTP Restricitons
Enable SMTP Restrictions

You can easily Enable and Disable SMTP Restrictions from the same window.

That’s It.

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