Tips for choosing the perfect domain name

What is the domain name?

The domain is a simple name of your website which represents your business on the internet, people also identified you on the server via your domain name. You have to think before selecting any domain name. Choosing a domain name is refer that you want to buy a domain name but you are confused what will suitable and perfect for you, here I am going to about some tips that you have to remember these points at the time if buying the domain name for the website.

How should I choose the perfect domain name-

1.Easy to guess

It means you have to select the domain name that’s easy to type and easy to guess online like if you want to start a small business which will relate to pharmacy then you should choose domain name something related medical keyword and meta tags.

2. You must choose it short

Try to choose domain name in short because it helps to remember and type in the text field.  You should try to Find short and simple.

3. Try to use the keyword as a domain

You should use keyword and name of your business as a domain because it will help you at the time of SEO and Advertisement.  Suppose if you are going to start the business for furniture then should choose the domain name   like or

4. Avoid number & special character

You should avoid numbers and special character at the time of choosing domain name because it will make complication to remember users/customers.

Like instead this you can choose

5. Analyses/Research

Make sure that your name is not copyrighted or trademarked by any third party it will make you complicated the search result on google. You should ignore similar domain name and copyright as well as possible.

6. Try to choose the appropriate domain name

Extensions are suffixes to your business choose one of respectively which will define your website clearly among of users.

  • .com & biz (Business and commercial sites)
  • .edu     (Educational, classes, school, and tuition)
  • .org      (Organization, trust, NGO)
  • .me   (Personal, blogs, resume, About details)
  • .info   (MNC SItes, Global)

Now you can buy/ registrar your domain name bases of these points quickly.

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