What is domain parking? How to add and remove one

In this blog, we will discuss domain parking technology and procedure, how you can park domain why we park a domain and the benefits of domain parking. You have to make patient and read the whole tutorial then you will clear everything about domain parking.

What is domain parking?

Domain parking is a type of e-comm business where you can book a domain and park it for a while and after sometimes you can sell it to another person who wants to buy the same name as you parked.

Domain parking refers to the registration of the internet without the domain name associated with any type of service or without connecting to the server.

How you can park the domain?

Here we are going to learn how to park a domain in a cPanel account, let’s learn how to park a domain via a cPanel account-

If you want to buy a cPanel account and register >> Web hosting services at a reasonable cost. 

  • Log into cPanel account
  • Click on the aliases icon which is located under the domain section
  • Enter the name of the domain name in the text field that you want to park then click on the link Add domain
  • Now you parked a domain successfully

If you want to see your parked domain then you should follow again this procedure-

Domain section >> Aliases >> here you will see all domain parked lists, you can also remove domains parked from here.

To add a parked domain do the following steps-

  • Log in to the cPanel account and click on the parked  domain icon
  • Here right of the new domain name provides the new domain name which you like to park into your primary domain
  • Click on the link Add domain

To remove the parked domain do the following steps-

  • Login to cPanel account click on the link parked domains
  • You have to click on the remove link which is located under the actions menu at the top bottom.

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