What is the web application testing

Web application testing is a performance tool, used to test web applications and interfaces. It is used to check the load and stress performance of the website and other web interfaces.

Basic testing techniques for application testing-

Functionality testing- It is a software process tool that is used within software development, it conforms and ensures all requirements. In web application functionality testing cloud cover different things like whether all the link are working in the web application, testing pages individually, cookies testing, Validations, language testing, etc.

Usability testing- You must follow all the conventions and web standards while developing the web application. You must have followed at the time of website developing the standard and instruction which are defined.

Compatibility testing- It checks your web application to browser capability of your website on the server, operating system capability, and mobile browser and printing capability of the web application. Compatibility testing is a part of software which use to confirm no-functional testing. It will also confirm the application is capable to run in different computing environments.

Wen UI testing- It will ensure that all the individual components in the web application are connected appropriately and it will be working properly or not. It is useful for the graphical interface whether it will work properly or not. How it interacts with users, the specification of the UI system, etc.

Top four testing tools-

  1. DOJO testing
  2. FlexMonkey
  3. LinkTiger
  4. TestingWhiz

These are the open-source and test management system that is carried to the management of the website, load testing, mobile testing,  page speed testing, link checking, and validation of the website. You can use this technology to test your website, you will get these tools on Google. You just have to type the name of the tool and search on Google and you will get an exact program for testing your website.

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