Who developed Linux?

I am going to describe your history of Linux in brief, you should consider my answer if you want to know more about Linx hosting-

Linus Torvalds developed Linux he begins to develop it in 1991. He wrote this program specifically for the hardware and he was using an independent OS (Operating System) because they wanted to use the functions for their new PC (Personal Computer).

He was studying computer science at the University of Helsinki, and he start to work on the project of Linux since their student life.

I would like to explain to you some most popular Linux versions and released dates-

Android- 2013 (Mobile operating system)

Kubuntu– 2012 (It is an official flavor of Ubuntu system)

Ubuntu- 2004 (Open source software operating system)

Arch Linux- 2002 (Linux distribution for computer)

Gentoo Linux- 2000 (Portage package management system)

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