Basic skill that you should know if you are a blogger or content writer

In India English is a barrier front of that student they want to make their career in content writing or blogging, we are inspired and start blogging but at last, we come back only because of English complications and wriitng still. Only because of this some time beginner or student feel lonely and excluded. What is a barrier? A barrier is something like as rule, law, policy and their trend, it will create a complication at the time of learning any languages and new trends. It will be more complication when you are not to native belongness too that particular things. You will fail to explain anything front of someone, you will fail to understand that trend etc..

The same thing happened with the blogger when he/ she start to blogging in English and they are not well on that language, today I am going to describe you some point which will help you to make an experienced blogger. You should follow these point I if you are not able good instead you want to learn-

1. Don’t show you, someone, that you are not comforted with that technology and terms, you should trying to behalf like you are expert in this area and you can do it well like another employee. In a simple way, we can say that start with believing in yourself, speech and listen, find an English newspaper and learn at least a word a day.

2.  Write your target and your goal before starting to write your plan you should make sure that who is your audience is this topic is useful for them or not. like when you are talking to your friend or your mother your tackling style will be changed that who is talking to you. Same you should follow at the time of writing blogs, first should understand and target audience then explain that topic with coherence.

3.  Write badly until you write well If you are, not a professional writer then you don’t have to worry and disparate to it, you have to make patience and keep it on till you are not made a professional writer. If you are not good in any area and instead you have to work on then you have to do it continue and once a day will come when practice will make you an expert and professional of that department. You should do in your free time check spelling mistake and try to solve grammatical problem it will make you an expert, don’t worry.

4. You should aware with the term before describing It is one of the best thing that will make you a highly level of writer, it important to awere himself before describing anything to others. You can explain well after you know well!!

It is also necesary to put your own opinion on the real world, try to give something new that what is actually you think about that trend or area. because people always excited to know something new related interested topic like technology, politics, science, society etc.

And you have to explain the same thing what they want read on your blogs just present topic regarding your audience interested or environment of study.

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