“FINAL WARNING” email- Have they Really HACKED your WEBCAM

“FINAL WARNING” email- Have they Really HACKED your WEBCAM



Have you ever received this kind of Email with the Subject: [FINAL WARNING] from any Anonymous Hacker? The Email sounds very scary but lets me tell you they are nothing more than a SCAM.

Numerous people have received this email with the same subject lines. In this email, the Hacker claims to have hacked your Webcam using some malware injected into your system. The hackers try to prove that they really do have inside knowledge about you and scare you in such a threatening way that you end up paying money to them. They claim to have access to your device and can easily destroy your social reputation.

Most of the recipients even get scared enough to pay. Let me tell you many of the recipients have also reported to us that the emails also include a link or attachments as “proof” when opened silently runs PowerShell onto your system granting remote access to your system to the hacker.

So don’t click on any link, DELETE the email and never PAY!!!

Just remember you are not the only one receiving this email there are many more…IT IS TOTALLY A SCAM!!!



Is this the question running in your mind? If YES then let me tell you that we have a number of emails from readers who don’t even have WEBCAM and yet get scared. This is only because the hacker knows how to deal and convince the recipient up to the extent where you can brokedown. These hackers don’t even know any of the recipients in person, what they do is they send bulk emails to millions and billions of people at the same time with the same contents. SO DON’T WORRY!!!

What to do?

You just don’t need to do anything. Just calm down and RELAX!!!!

It is just a THREATENING EMAIL, they are trying to threaten you with nothing else so that they could make some Dollars($). So never pay the extortion demand. Just Delete the mails and never REPLY to them.



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