Why is my website so slow or says the website is taking too long?

Not one reason can be solely be responsible for this. In this post I will tell the various reasons, how to verify the reason and the solution to the problem. The problem can be in any one of the following:

  1. Website Development Problem: It is seen that developers that are newbies tend to make mistakes that lead to slow opening of the site. Like heavy CSS or javascript, or some code that is taking a lot of time to execute. It can be a complex SQL query also. These are development end problems and until the code is optimized, it will continue to create time lag in opening the website. Sometimes this happens because of non-trusted plugins or templates used in the CMS like wordpress, etc. These plugins or templates are not developed effectively hence they have problems in their coding.
    How to verify: To confirm this problem simply go to https://tools.pingdom.com/ and enter you domain to test there.
    Solution: Hire a professional developer to fix these issues.
  2. Server Down or Slow: Server is a large machine which has one or multiple accounts running on it. If there is a single site on a server then it is less likely to create such issues but if it is a shared server where multiple sites are running on same server then it can be one of the reasons. Multiple sites doing bulk mailing or running some high process scripts can be one of the reason to slow down a server resulting in the slowing down of a website.
    How to Verify: Test server status or check other sites hosted on that server. You can also contact your server owner.
    Solution: If this is the constant problem for more than 5-10 times a day, and the hosting provider is not responding to your chats/tickets/mails or is not solving your problem, then switch your hosting provider. But if they are providing good support and the problem is not frequent, if they are solving your problems then just wait for some time like 15-30 minutes. Your problem will be solved.
  3. Internet Speed is Bad: A very common problem of most of the ISPs in India, if your internet speed is poor, then it is obvious that your site will open in more time.
    How to Verify: Open some all time fast opening sites like www.google.com or www.facebook.com or www.youtube.com etc.
    Solution: Switch to a better one or use leased line internet connections.
  4. Shared Hosting: As I have already mentioned above that it is more likely that in shared hosting platform, your site may behave slow because the resources like RAM, CPU, Hard disk, IP, etc are shared among all the users on that server. A good idea is to go for the dedicated resources like VPS or Dedicated Servers.
    How to Verify: Contact your Hosting provider or some new hosting provider. Keeping a check on a regular basis about the load of server and server status is a good practice to understand this.
    Solution: Switch to VPS or Dedicated Server.

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