How to Change upload_max_size in php.ini?

This is a common error type that occurs at the time of transferring data from the system or uploading data from in the system. In PHP you can set it up in the php.ini file,  here I am going to describe to you how to change upload_size in the php.ini file with the screenshot. You should consider the following steps to make it change-

1. Log in to the cPanel account.

2. Go to the file section and click on the File Manager link

3. You should use the file manager to navigate your Root Directory. Under the public_html you will see a php.ini file

“If you didn’t get so you can create a new blank file, go to the new file section, and create a file with the name php.ini”

4. Type in the php.ini file these statements which I am going to describe below in the answer-

5. Finally, you should click on the Save Changes button to make it change

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