How to Check Current Running Processes in WHM?


You can easily check all the currently running processes of your server from your WHM root. Follow the below steps to check Current Running Processes in WHM root.

  1. First of all, log into your WHM as a root.
  2. Either navigate to the System Health > Show Current Running Processes 
  3. Or simply type Show Current in the search bar and click over the Show Current Running Processes option from the result.

    Show Current Running Processes
    show current running process
  4. There you will see all the currently running processes of your server.
Current Running Processes
Current Running Processes
  • Below are the brief details of the tabs shown in the above image.
    • Pid: It is the short form of the Process ID. When a process executes, the system assigns a unique identification number to that process, and you can view all the processes with the help of a unique identification number which is Process Id (Pid).

    •  Name: This column will display the list of all the running processes.

    • File: This column is used to view the exact path of the applications or daemons that are currently in process.

    • Current Directory: Displays the directory where the process is currently running. Usually, it’s root (/) directory.

    • Command Line: Gives information such as command, file, and directory of programs that are started by executing a file.

  • You can also sort the data based on some parameters. All you need to do is to click on the bold texted tabs to change the parameters. For example, if you’re running a PHP-based script, it’ll be displayed under the Command Line column. If you want them to appear closer on the table, click over the Command Line bold text.
Command Line Tab
Command Line Tab
  • This will sort and arrange the data alphabetically from the last letter of the English alphabet “z” to “a“, and as you know the word “p” in PHP is closer to the word “z“. You can arrange the data from “z” to “a” so that you can easily locate what you’re looking for.

That’s It.

That’s how you can check Current Running Processes in your WHM root. I hope this article helps you. You can contact us on Facebook and Twitter for any further assistance or inquiries. Other than this, if you’re looking for any kind of web hosting solutions such as Reseller Hosting, Dedicated Hostingor Shared Hostingthen I’ll recommend you to check as we’re currently one of the cheapest hosting providers over the Internet.

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