How to create custom privacy and TOS template in WHMCS? [STEP BY STEP]☑️

How to create custom privacy and term of service template in WHMCS [STEP BY STEP]☑️

Today in this post you will learn about how to create custom privacy and term of service template in WHMCS.
It’s very important to add the terms of service and privacy URL so that when customer will sign up for one of product then their he will get the TOS link. But before going to the steps watch the video:

Customer can read the TOS policy of your company and it’s beneficial for you so it’s always better to add terms of service and privacy page.

Perform these given steps to add custom privacy and TOS templates in WHMCS:

Step::1 First of all you have to create a custom privacy and TOS.php file and upload it inside public_html of your cPanel.
Step::2 Now open TOS.php file in new window
Step::3 Copy the URL from the URL Box.
Step::4 Now login into WHMCS

Step::5 Hover to setup section and click on general setting

Step::6 Now on the next page go to Ordering tab

Step::7 Scroll down to Term of Service URL and paste their the URL of your TOS.php file

Step::8 Click on save changes!!!

That’s it!!!

Congratulations you have now successfully learnt how to create custom privacy and TOS template in WHMCS!!!

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