PuTTY is a free open-source software to connect with Linux using SSH or Telnet. PuTTY is an SSH and Telnet Client software used to establish an encrypted connection from one server to another.

File modification in Linux via PuTTY is fairly easy. You can easily Edit & Save any file in PuTTY by using the vi & :wq! command in which, the vi command is used to edit the file, and then :wq! command is used to save the edited file and exit from the editing section.

edit file in putty

Today in this documentation you will learn how to Edit and Save a file using PuTTy. Suppose you want to edit a file whose location is /home/root/public_html/etc/hosts where etc is a directory and hosts is a file, then how to edit hosts file using PuTTy.

Let us quickly watch this video to easily learn how to Edit and Save a file using PuTTy.

Let’s make it as simple as it is.

How To Edit and Save a file in PuTTY (In Short) :

Use the cd path/to/directory command to move inside the directory.

Use vi filename.exe command to enter in the editing mode.

Press the i button from the keyboard to start the editing.

Press the Esc button to stop the editing.

Type :wq! to Save the file & Close the editing window.

How To Edit and Save a file in PuTTY ( In Detail) :

  • Log in to PuTTY & navigate to the directory where you want to perform the task. Use the cd path/to/directory command to browse the directories.

  • Find the file you want to edit by using the file filename.extension command.
  • Now use the vi filename.exe command to enter inside the editing zone.

  • To edit the file, type i from your keyboard.
  • Once the editing is done, type the Esc button from your keyboard and then type :wq! command, hit the enter button to Save the file and Close the editing tab.

  • That’s it. You’ve successfully edited & saved the file in PuTTY. You can use the cat filename.exe command to view the contents inside a file.

That’s how you can easily View, Edit, and Save a file using PuTTY. For more assistance, you can visit RedserverHost.Com as there are numerous articles related to Linux commands, Web Hostings, WordPress, Websites, and many more.

That’s it!!!

This is how you Edit and Save files using PuTTy.

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