How to Set Up a Redirect from the cPanel?

Step 1. Login to cPanel account

Step 2. Click on the “Redirects” icon under the “Domain” section

Step  3.  Here you have to select which type of redirects you want to use between Permanent 301 and Permanent 302.

Step 4. Drop down the menu “http://(www.)”  and choose the domain name which you wish to redirect.

For redirect the single page/file you can use the adjacent text field you have to enter here the name of the file/directory.

Step 5. In the field “Redirect to” enter the full URL of the page to which you will be redirecting.

Step 6. Select the option on of these

  • Only redirect with www.
  • Do Not Redirect www.
  • Redirect with or without www.

And click on the radio button “Wild Card Redirect”

step 7. Now you just have to click on the  “Add” button.

And finally, your redirect target is assigned successfully.

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