Top 5 web hosting companies in India

What is a web hosting?

Web hosting is a technology to make their business accessibility via across the globe.  With the help of web hosting, we can view their business world wide web without any restriction.  A web host is an organization which providing facility to host our website server, they provide this facility behalf of some profit in the web hosting market.  some hosting provider also builds your website and host it on their server.

“It is a activity to provide disk space on server, and makes our website live on internet.”

Top 5 web hosting companies:-


It is a one of the best domain and hosting services provider which provides services world wide web. the are leading these services from India. They are trusted by the over thousands of customers globally. Here you will see simple and acceptable use policy for our their customers, they are the fasted web hosting provider and they have to offer for the lowest price. Hostingeger is started in 2004, since then they provide services related to web hosting.

2. RedServerHost

RedServerHost is an Indian hosting company which is quite popular since last five year, they are trying to provide services to users those are not capable to buy expensive services like domain & hosting plans. they have thousands of customers which facilitate their services and support. They have the vision to make every small business online, then anyone can access and view from anywhere. RedServerHost founded in 2014 in India.

3. BigRock

BigRock is a domain registration& hosting company which offers services all over the world with all type of support and services. Bicgrok is leading by the same company EIG which provides services related to web hosting. Their services are good for WordPress website and they made thousands of customers across the globe.

4. DreamHost

DreamHost is Los Angeles based hosting company that providing domain registration and hosting facility across in Indian. Which is founded in 1996, at California United State. You can host your dreaming website on their site at reasonable cost.

5. A2Hosting

It is a high performance hosting company that located in Ann Arbor and founded in 2003. In web hosting market everyone familiar to A2Hosting because of there best quality services and performance. They care, customers requirement & need and provide a solution that particular problem.

I would like to inform you that they all are the best and MNC web hosting companies, but if you want to host your website at the reasonable cost and you are beginner then I would like to suggest you RedServerHost.

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