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How to Delete Multiple Files in Linux?

We have shared various articles that illustrate SSH commands and their functions. Today, in this tutorial we will explain the procedure to delete multiple files in Linux. In this article, we will go through the following. Command to delete multiple files Command to delete multiple files accessed before Command to delete multiple files with same

How to Change File Permissions Recursively in Linux?

SSH commands allows user to manage files and directories easily. We have shared multiple articles on related topics. Today, we’re going to discuss in-detail procedure to change file permissions recursively in Linux. In this tutorial we will discuss the following. Change File Permissions Recursively from SSH Terminal Change File Permissions Recursively via PHP file in

How to Fix – AWStats not Updating in cPanel?

There are several reasons behind AWStats not updating error. Usually, this error occurs due to wrong file permissions, configuration errors, wrong directives, etc. So, let’s have a detailed discussion to solve the AWStats not updating issues in cPanel. However, before starting ahead, let’s have a brief look at AWStats. What is AWStats? Advanced Web Statistics

Top 20 CSF Commands With Live Examples

Hi, In this article, we’ll walk you through 20 Basic CSF Firewall commands that will help you use ConfigServer Security Firewall (CSF) more efficiently in SSH also. In this tutorial, we’ll first explain what the command does, and then we’ll use those basic commands with live examples. Let’s dive right in!! Note: You must have the SSH login with

How to Disable MySQL Strict Mode on Server

MySQL Strict Mode is used to prevent users from configuring any third-party websites or software for security purposes. It’s easy to disable MySQL Strict Mode on your Server using the following methods: Disable MySQL Strict Mode from my.cnf File Disable MySQL Strict Mode from SQL 1: Disable Strict Mode using my.cnf File Follow the below steps

Restoring cPanel Backups Via SSH

Well, if you already read our previous article to restore cPanel backup from WHM and looking for an SSH method to restore bulk cPanel backups at once, you’re at the right place. Here, in this tutorial, we’re gonna talk about two different ways to restore your cPanel accounts via SSH. Let’s directly dive right in!! There

Find Command in Linux (Find Files & Directories)

Sometimes, it’s difficult to find a Linux file surrounded by thousands of other files. The Linux Command-Line (CLI) has numerous commands that help perform several tasks effortlessly. Apart from listing all the contents of the present directory using the ls command, creating a new directory using the mkdir command, using rsync command, or creating a new blank file using the touch command. You