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How to apply Hotlinking protection in your website with .htaccess?

How to apply Hotlinking protection in your website? [Important| Revised 2019] What is Hotlink Protection? A Hotlink is a link to a media file on your site from another website. The owner of the third party site decides to link directly to you instead of hosting that content themselves. The most common example is an

How to terminate multiple cPanel accounts in bulk via WHM Reseller?

Hello Friends!!! Here in this blog, you will get to know how to terminate/remove multiple cPanel accounts in bulk via WHM reseller. So come let’s find how to do this!!  Steps to terminate multiple cPanel accounts in bulk via WHM Reseller [updated May 2019] step::1 Go to step::2 Login to your WHM interface step::3

Guide to the dedicated hosting server

Dedicated hosting server is a type of web hosting solution where user lease entire server and root access of server control rather than a position of shared server. It is beneficial for e-comm business and any large activity over the Internet. It is service that user takes on rent from any web services provider. It

Unmanaged VPS hosting?

These servers are managed by client and server side like- responsibilities, necessary configurations and server management and it is users responsibility to that keep your website up-to-date and make it safe from hackers. And it is low expensive than managed server, and it required to technical knowledge that will help to operate it time to

Benefits of VPS hosting

VPS (Virtual Private Server) is a type of web hosting, VPS server is less expensive if we compare to the dedicated server,  it is run off the separate memory of entire server which allocated by server provider. Here you will get separate IP  addresses for internet and it is a perfect hosting solution for Linux 

Which type of hosting should I choose to host a website which has a lot of traffic?

A lot of traffic means the script or code will execute multiple times, sometimes – concurrently even! This server needs to be capable enough to handle a high amount of requests simultaneously. It should not restrict your web application from executing processes. All this can never be possible in a shared hosting environment. If you