How do I check if my WordPress theme is secure or not?

In WordPress, two reasons are the basis of its success- easy to use, easy to customize their website. It provides thousands of themes plugins that we used at the time of website designing, you can also change the functionality of the website within a few moments as you wish.

WordPress offers mainly two types of plugins

    1. Premium plugins

     2. High-quality commercial plugins

WordPress is an open friendly site where anyone can get themes and use their own website, but their certain something which you don’t know, a cause of open friendly behavior anyone injects any malware or viruses state of code with the plugins. When Install it on your website then they can operate your website and harm you or your data easily.

How to make sure your chosen/WordPress themes are safe-
Get your theme from a reputable place- By using a reputable vendor you can be sure that it’s safe to secure, probably, not fully but you can trust the reputed vendor of the WordPress themes.

How you can download it via a Reputable vendor– There are lots of themes available but they ask you some questions to which filter your exact requirement I am going to describe to you the points you should consider following steps-

1.   WordPress themes directory

2. studio press

3. Elegant themes

4. Ithemes

5. Woo themes

These are the question that helps them to provide you a standard quality theme as per your requirement, and take a look at their support and return policy as well as the overall quality of the site.

Tools that help to check themes-

          Theme check

           Exploit scanner


These are the top best tools that define your themes are safe or not, you can choose these tools to verify yourself before embedding them into the website. With this information, I hope you will reduce the risk of installing bad themes on your website.

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