How to Change Email Routing in cPanel?

Email Routing is a feature inside cPanel that allows user to manage email settings related to incoming mail server.

In this tutorial, we will go through in detailed procedure to change Email Routing in cPanel. This includes:

  1. Types of Email Routing
  2. How to Change Email Routing for a domain?
Change Email Routing

#1. Types of Email Routing

cPanel provides user with multiple features that allows them to manage email related settings. Email Routing is one with which you can easily route your domain’s incoming mail. To know which type  would be better to route your incoming mail, it is important to know about the feature of each.

This option will save or create a backup of all the incoming emails if there is any issue in the incoming mails server. User will receive all its email when mail exchanger is aavilable.

: This option is required when user uses any third party email server. To select this option, user have to update its MX record as well. For reference, you may check the articles related to configuring MX record.

#2. How to Change Email Routing for a domain?

To change email routing of a domain on the server, follow the below mention steps.

  • Login to your cPanel account.
  • Navigate to EMAIL section and select Email Routing from the list.

    Select Email Routing
  • On the next page, select Domain from the drop down. (If you have single domain then it would appear automatically)
  • As you select domain, types of routing will appear.

    Change Email Routing
  • Select the one as per your requirement (it is recommended to select the first one and then click over Change.

That’s It !

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