How to Switch from Pure-FTPD to ProFTPD in WHM Root?

When it comes to the FTP servers, there are two types of FTP servers in WHM root that are PureFTPD and ProFTPD. The PureFTPD is the default FTP server that comes pre-installed with your server configuration.

Let’s come to the point. It’s fairly easy to switch the default FTP server (PureFTPD) to an additional (ProFTPD) FTP server.

  • Firstly, log into your WHM via root.
  • Either navigate to the Service Configuration > FTP Server Selection or simply type FTP in the search bar and click over the FTP Server Selection option from the result.
FTP server Selection
FTP server Selection
  • There you’ll find the option to switch the FTP server from PureFTPD to ProFTPD. Additionally, you can also disable the FTP server from there.
Change the FTP Server
Change the FTP Server
  • Hit the Save button, and you’re done.

That’s It.

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