How to Disable or Enable SpamCop RBL in WHM?

Basically, SpamCop RBL creates a list of spammed IPs to help servers to block the emails coming from the blacklisted IP Addresses of RBL (Realtime BlackList). All of our servers check incoming emails with SpamCop and block all the emails matching with the RBL list. They send back all the blocked emails to the sender telling them that you’re blocked by sending emails to this server. You can easily disable or enable SpamCop if you have root privileges. However, this is mandatory for Shared Hosting users and they cannot change it. In this article, we’ll walk you through the method to Disable/Enable SpamCop RBL in WHM.

Disable/Enable SpamCop RBL in WHM

Follow the below steps to easily Disable or Enable SpamCob RBL from your Web Host Manager (WHM).

  • First of all, Log into your WHM account as a “root” user.
  • Either navigate to the Service Configuration > Exim Configuration Manager section.
Exim Configuration Manager Tab
Exim Configuration Manager Tab
  • Now click over the RBLs tab.
Navigate to the RBLs Tab
Navigate to the RBLs Tab
  • Find the RBL: option and turn it OFF or ON according to your need.
RBL SpamCop Moderation
RBL SpamCop Moderation
  • Hit the Save button at the end, and you’re done.

That’s how you can easily enable or disable SpamCop RBL Feature in WHM. Moreover, you can visit and open a Free Support Ticket if this article doesn’t fix your problem. Our Technical Support team will be happy to assist you.

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