How to secure ‘public html’?

How to secure ‘public html’? [STEP BY STEP]☑️

Today in this tutorial we will help you learn how you could secure public_html. Permissions can be very important when it comes to hosting your website. Permissions can allow our server computer to write and edit your files. Along with that, some files need to be protected from writing and editing, as a security measure.

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Follow the methods to change the file permissions and secure public_html:

1. At cPanel user level:

Step::1 Login to cPanel and open File Manager

How to Setup file permissions of any file in cPanel

Steps::2 Scroll over public_html and right click on it and choose Change Permissions option

How to Setup file permissions of any file in cPanel

Step::3 Set the permissions to 0750.

How to Setup file permissions of any file in cPanel

2. At Root level:

Step::1 Login to WHM root and open Server Configuration

How to secure 'public html'

Step::2 Open Tweak Settings

How to secure 'public html'

Step::3 Go to Security tab and find the option “Enable File Protect”

How to secure 'public html'

How to secure 'public html'


Step::4 Click over On button and the Save.

How to secure 'public html'


3. Via Filezilla SFTP;’

Step::1 Login to Filezilla as root

How to secure 'public html'

Step::2 Go to /root and look for “” file

How to secure 'public html'

Step::3 Open this link-

Step::4 Copy the entire code and paste it file

Step::5 Now you need to add a Cron Job to the following location- /var/spool/cron and edit the file “root”

How to secure 'public html'

Here add an hourly cronjob to hit the file Add the line given below and save it:

0 * * * * root/

How to secure 'public html'

This cron will hit the file repeatedly so that the file permission of all the cpanel’s public_html will remain 0750. In this way you can secure public_html.

In this way you can setup file permissions of any file in cPanel.

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